Hydraulic modelling

We have a significant level of expertise in the specialist field of hydraulic modelling and understand the need to produce high quality and accurate hydraulic models for our clients. We place huge emphasis on the importance of tailoring commissions to individual client requirements and ensure deliverables are met with a maximum level of integrity and efficiency. Through the utilisation of the latest modelling technology such as Innovyze’s InfoWorks™, InfoNet™ and also MapInfo™ software, we can offer a wide range of modelling services. 

Flooding assessments

From small scale assessments focussed on localised flooding to catchment wide analysis, our team use high quality models to predict flooding locations and impacts. Comparative reviews underpin our impact assessment studies in order to quantify any changes to flood volumes related to the additional flow from new developments. At Caley water we are adept in producing FEH13 rainfall in line with the latest guidance to project specification for model simulations. This improves result accuracy, and helps us to guarantee that outputs are precise so that they may efficiently inform future water management decisions.

Solution development

Our employees have a thorough understanding of the hydraulic processes associated with piped drainage systems and are perfectly poised to offer a range of high level solutions in order to mitigate against the impact of flooding. Using the latest guidance relevant to the project, we ensure that these solutions address feasibility critera including practical constraints and engineering costs. Site specific limitations are assessed via aerial photography, spatial analysis and site visits, alongside the networks contained within our hydraulic models in order to determine appropriate options, such as storage and surface water removal.


Our approach to service delivery is focused on our clients and understanding their requirements, both at technical and management levels. We believe that the key to success is based around people and fostering relationships which allow us to deliver projects in partnership. We take time to engage with our clients and fully understand their needs to ensure that the best project outcomes are met.