Caley Water Uses InfoWorks ICM

Caley Water Uses InfoWorks ICM because, well the clients expect it, and it’s also pretty good. We’ve been using it (or earlier variations since we opened shop).

There’s a lot of things we like about the software, but here are 10 of the best:

Jack Kerouac Never Modelled Sewers

Jack Kerouac, the beatnik wayfaring poet and author, never found his true calling to be wastewater modelling, but imagine, if he did, and he was describing what Caley Water liked about Infoworks ICM. It might sound something like this:

In the rhythm of the road, the pulsating heart of Caley Water beats with the syncopation of raindrops on city streets, guided by the jazz-infused intellect of InfoWorks ICM. “Because, well, the clients expect it,” they murmur through smoky backroom meetings, where expectations hang heavy in the air, a tangible demand for excellence. And it’s also pretty good, they concede, with a nonchalance that belies their true admiration. Here’s ten of the features we like, they say, laying out the roadmap of their affection in a cascade of words that dance like Kerouac’s prose, each feature a stop on their relentless pursuit of water’s wisdom. A beat generation of engineers, riding the highways of hydrology, with InfoWorks ICM as their vehicle and guide, exploring the endless landscapes of catchment and flow.

In the wild, sprawling narrative of our quest, where the rivers of data and the roads of discovery merge in a symphony of numbers and dreams, we ride with Integrated Catchment Modeling, a beacon that lights up the intertwined dance of sewer, river, and surface waters, painting a vivid picture of urban and natural catchments in communion.

Onward, through the veins of the city and the arteries of the wilderness, we plunge with Advanced Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling, a tool that sketches the ebb and flow of our aqueous world, capturing the essence of water’s journey through sewers, storm systems, and the sprawling floodplains, in both the simplicity of 1D and the complexity of 2D.

In the beat of the moment, with the rhythm of life pulsating through our fingertips, Real-Time Control Modeling becomes our drum, synchronizing the heartbeat of pumps and gates, orchestrating a symphony of fluid motion for an optimized existence amidst the chaos.

And in our quest for purity, Water Quality Modeling emerges as our compass, guiding us through the murky waters of contamination, towards the crystal-clear springs of improvement, in the sacred catchment areas we vow to protect.

With GIS Integration, we map our dreams onto the tangible earth, blending data and geography in a seamless tapestry that tells the story of water’s journey through the lens of our collective vision.

As narrators of our own destiny, Scenario Management empowers us to weave tales of what could be, exploring the myriad pathways of infrastructure’s future, guided by the wisdom of comparison and the courage of decision.

Through the cloud, in the boundless sky of Cloud-Based Collaboration, we find our shared canvas, where ideas float freely, accessible to all who journey through the digital expanse, together yet apart.

With Detailed Reporting and Visualization, we paint our findings in strokes of genius, crafting narratives that resonate in the minds and hearts of those who behold them, turning data into dialogue, numbers into knowledge.

In the alchemy of creation, Ruby Scripting for Automation and Customization becomes our magic wand, transforming the mundane into the magnificent, automating the tedious so we may dance freely in the realms of innovation and integration.

And finally, within the vast library of Extensive Database and Asset Management, we archive the essence of our explorations, cataloging the treasures of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from the depths, ensuring the legacy of our journey through water’s domain endures.

So we travel, Kerouac’s children, born of asphalt and data streams, forging ahead in the quest for understanding, with InfoWorks ICM as our map and our muse, in the eternal adventure of water’s way.