Caley Water at the UDG Conference

Caley Water had a fantastic time networking with industry peers during CIWEM’s UDG Conference in Birmingham.

The UDG Annual Conference and Exhibition stands as the pinnacle event for professionals in our field. It serves as an invaluable platform for experts to share insights, innovations, and research with over 200 industry delegates. This year’s conference, hosted at the Eastside Rooms in Birmingham from December 6 to 8, 2023, was a significant gathering.

Joining the event from Caley were Logan, Michael, and Colin, representing our team’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

The conference spotlighted key themes that resonate deeply within our community:

Stormwater discharges took center stage, underscoring our collective responsibility to devise solutions. With commitments in place and Action Plans set, our focus now rests on execution during Asset Management Period 8 and beyond. The discussions delved into resource allocation, training needs, and the exploration of innovative BlueGreen approaches.

The ever-growing landscape of big data presented both challenges and opportunities. Navigating the wealth of information on asset condition and performance is crucial to transforming it into tangible benefits for our customers and the environment.

Sewerage planning discussions were pertinent, particularly as we reflect on the achievements of Cycle 1 of the Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans. As we transition to the Periodic Review, defining ‘Best Value Plan’ becomes pivotal. Enhancements and adaptations stemming from these reflections will lay the groundwork for a more robust Cycle 2.

For a deeper dive into the topics covered and access to the presented papers, visit the CIWEM site: CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference 2023